The automatic dampening system is composed by:

  • moisture probe with included flow weighing system and capacity multisensor
  • hydraulic panel for dampening
  • automatic water dosing device (can be onboard on the panel or separated for fixing to wall)

The moisture probe is enclosed in a stainless steel housing, mounted on a sliding frame for its extraction during inspection and maintenance. The detection probe is designed for real-time determination of hectolitre weight, temperature and dielectric constant of the product. Such information is processed for determination of incoming initial moisture percentage. The flow weighing plate and instantaneously detects the throughput of product entering the damper. Once determined the incoming product moisture, and its throughput rate, a microprocessor calculates the quantity of water that shall be added to the product flow for reaching desired final moisture content, and arranges for setting the hydraulic section for its addition.
It is also possible to program and memorize various different working programs that correspond to the same number of different processing, plus one for emergency or maintenance.

The moisture probe is available in the following models:

  • SU301 up to 30 ton/h
  • SU401 up to 40 ton/h
  • SU1001 up to 100 ton/h
(all models of probe are also availables in ATEX version for zone 22)

Input range moisture of wheat: 6 - 20%
Product temperature range: 0- 45
Moisture measuring accuracy: 0,2%
Production working range: 10:1
Precision and reproducibility: < 1%

The hydraulic panel with electromagnetic flow measurer, is available in two versions:

  • FLOW1500 up to 1500 lt/h
  • FLOW3000 up to 3000 lt/h
(hydraulic panel is also available for hot water up to 75C, or for different water flows)

Electromagnetic flow measurer
Water working range: 40:1
Possibility of manual water dosing

The automatic water dosing device is available in the versions:

  • DA301/S for serial RS485 communication to PC/PLC
  • DA301/P for PROFIBUS communication to PC/PLC
  • DA301/PN for PROFINET communication to PC/PLC

Actual moisture (%)
Grain temperature (C)
Indicative specific weight
Flow capacity (ton/h)
Planned target moisture value (up to 10 different programs)

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This regulator, for its modern conception, represents the most advantageous and revolutionary system for instantaneous measuring and direct weighing during the flow of the product.
The FX is composed by one metal box where the product flows, one shutter and one survey unit, that is composed by a weighing disk and an electronic device for controlling and programming of the measurer. The opening of the shutter, controlled by an electronic servomotor, allows the outflow of the product flowing on the weighing disk; this through a stress decomposition system (vertical resultant opportunely corrected by the electronic device) and compared with the preselected flow of the selected course, it determines the actual product flow and then the istantaneus output/h.
In normal conditions the shutter never reach the maximun opening: if that happened it means that the product quantity is not enough to guarantee the production. In this case an alarm will be activated.
In case of current interruption, the shutter closes automatically, preventing the flow of the product.
In case of current interruption, the shutter closes automatically, preventing the flow of the product. The servomotor, equipped with an universal clamp, can be assembled rapidly and directly on the axle of shutter and fixed through an antitorsion bar.
The shutter can be hand operated and stopped at any position. Its unblocking is effectuated manually or automatically applying the tension of feeding.

Available in the following models:


  • FX10/2 up to 2 ton/h
  • FX10/5 up to 5 ton/h
  • FX10/10 up to 10 ton/h


  • FX30/20 up to 20 ton/h
  • FX30/30 up to 30 ton/h


  • FX101/60 up to 60 ton/h
  • FX101/100 up to 100 ton/h

Technical features:
Weighing block with loading cell
Weighing control with servomotor system
Use in the unload of the cells of the silo for cereals to get mixes with drawing different percentages from the cells
Preselection of the percentage of dosing
Preselection of the quantity to dose
Incorporated general totalizator to 5 figures with floating point
Visualizer on 5 course display in percentage or Ton/H, general totalizer, partial totalizer
Communication line to remote PC/PLC: serial RS485 (with optional remote display), PROFIBUS or PROFINET
External Start/Stop contemporary of more measurer or flooding probe
Zero self-regulation system at each dosing start
Possible correction from keyboard
Output for dosing signaling for ended quantity
Signal output 4-20 mA for the output/h
24 Vac power supply
Working range: 40:1
recision and reproducibility: < 1% (referred to working range 10:1)
Also available in ATEX zone 22 version.

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