The company has been operating for almost 40 years in the field of industrial automation and the design of electronic equipment customized for the individual customer and their needs.
Since its inception, in 1982, from the collaboration of the founding members Gianfranco Zancanaro and Giuseppe Zanin (first with the name SACEP snc, then PROEL srl) the company follows in particular the sector of milling industry, plastics processing and custom electronic design.

Milling industry

We create electronic control units and sensors specifically designed for the main producers and installers of the milling sector in the Italian and International scene.
In particular, electronic control units and both infrared and capacitive level probes for rollermills, dampening systems for cereals, weight flow regulators, filter timers, temperature sensors.
All products customized according to customer needs.


We also provide assistance and repair to old electronic equipments for milling industry, eventually proposing adaptations or conversions to improve and renew the product without changing or replacing the machine, such as conversions for old oil rollermills or adaptations of more modern and improved electronic equipments.

Plastic processing industry

We produce electronic control devices for weight flow regulators and extruders of plastics and dyes for some of the main manufacturers of plastic processing machines.


Design and development of electronic cards and custom-made devices for the client, PC/Windows software development for the management of electronic control units, plants, etc.